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Roots is a community housing project created and operated by the CIS Group specifically to provide homes to those in need of quality affordable housing. 

Roots is working with local councils throughout the UK to tackle the problems arising from empty and abandoned properties in the private and commercial sectors.

We are currently seeking to purchase empty residential & commercial properties and land to bring back into use and create new homes.

We are especially seeking to purchase residential or commercial properties that have been empty for some time - all properties, land and areas will be considered.


The problem with empty homes and empty commercial buildings

Empty homes and empty commercial buildings are a wasted housing resource, they can attract vandalism, anti-social behaviour, become a ‘honey pot’ for crime and a target for arson.  In some circumstances they become run-down, fall into disrepair, have overgrown gardens, look ugly, blight an area and cause neighbouring properties to lose value by up to 20% (RICS).

According to the latest government figures there are over 600,000 empty and abandoned residential properties in England.

As the UK housing crisis worsens, families are struggling to find affordable homes.

In some areas, property values have pushed home ownership even further out of reach. More people are renting but good quality properties at a manageable monthly rent are hard to come by.

Whilst there are no easy answers to the housing shortage, part of the solution is to identify empty properties and bring them back into use. In Lancashire alone there are over 26,000 empty properties which could be renovated, providing much needed homes to local people.

At ROOTS, we will be working with our partners to identify and renovate empty houses and commercial spaces. We will create quality homes to help alleviate the chronic shortage of affordable housing.

To Sell or Lease

Roots is working with investors and partners across the UK to purchase residential and commercial properties or taking over the management of properties on a lengthy rent free lease to create quality affordable homes.

Selling your Property 

Roots are looking for empty properties and land and are keen to hear from empty residential & commercial property owners, landowners who have land or buildings suitable for development.

We will consider all types and size properties – in all areas!

Properties Required:

  • All types & size houses

  • Farmhouses

  • Blocks of flats

  • HMO's

  • Hotels

  • Nursing Homes

  • Land for new builds.

We will consider all types and size properties – in all areas!

Land Requirement Criteria:

  • Greenfield and Brownfield

  • Sites with or without planning permission

  • Commercial premises/hotels suitable for redevelopment

  • Medium and long-term strategic land opportunities

  • Freehold title must be included

If you think you have a suitable property or plot of land that maybe of interest to us then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Leasing your property

How ROOTS leasing works:

The properties will be leased – rent free - to our organisation and in return the property will be refurbished to a good standard – at no costs to the owner(s) – hence the property will then regain its full market value – all in all a very good investment for the property owner(s)

The length of the lease would depend on the amount of work required to fully refurbish the property to a good living standard – leases will range between 5 – 10+ years and the income generated from us renting out the property during the lease period would help to cover the cost of the refurbishment to your property.

We will consider all sizes and types of properties in all areas  - no matter how long  it has been empty.

Do you own  an empty property  that you would like us to consider then please contact us.

If you want to sell your property please view our selling page.

What makes ROOTS different?

  • We are a totally trustworthy registered Community Interest Company

  • We will invest the surplus from any development back into the project

  • We take all the risk and do all the work – no cost to you

  • We have a team with over thirty five years’ experience in the building trade

  • We take all the responsibility for raising finance

  • We manage the project from start to finish

  • We provide training for local people

  • We work with local trades people to boost the local economy

“At ROOTS, we’re busy building solid partnerships to help solve the housing crisis.

And unlike many of the bigger players, we’ll consider all types of properties, in any condition.

We believe social enterprise can play a vital role in creating quality affordable homes.”


If you would like to support ROOTS in our fight to bring empty properties back in to use then we would love to hear from you!

So whether you are an empty property owner, land owner, an investor, an architect, a surveyor, a structural engineer or a builder, please get in touch with us using the form on our contact page.

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